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Teacher Resources: OneNote

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Creating a Class OneNote

Creating a Class OneNote

Click here to view a tutorial for setting up a Class OneNote.

Click here to set up a Class OneNote for your class.

Learning more about OneNote

OneNote is an electronic notebook that can be utilised to create and store handwritten notes, images, audio files, video files, internet links and text.  This file, including handwriting, is searchable and easily organised while providing opportunities to share and collaborate.

Since the addition of Class OneNote, sharing with your class has become even easier.  Students will have continuous access to class notes, activities and files that can be revisited as often as required and regardless of attendance.  They can easily copy these notes to their own section and add to them as they become more self-directed in their study. There are also facilities to collaborate with others to deepen student understanding.  OneNote is constantly evolving as it responds to feedback from teachers and students.


Getting started with OneNote

Try this self paced, interactive tutorial that will go through the process of setting up your own OneNote notebook, demonstrate how to navigate between sections and pages and how to add different types of content to a page.

Enhancing productivity with OneNote

Learn how to search both typed and handwritten notes in one or all of notebooks when trying to find information quickly.  Use searchable tags to designate the type of information being stored and find how it can easily be filtered out and collated.  Send emails and meeting notebooks directly to a notebook to assist with organisation.  Set up templates so that each page in a notebook is set up in the same way and look at how you can use your pen to draw and annotate.

Getting the most out of OneNote

Examine the process of docking a OneNote window to take linked notes while viewing a video or reading a webpage. Find out how to get information in and out of OneNote and how to share with other users.


Delivering curriculum with OneNote

Examine the different types of media that can be added to a OneNote and how this is done.  If the OneNote is shared, explore how to view and mark student work and direct students to different pages within the OneNote.

Creating interactive lessons with OneNote

Bringing it all together.  Add in audio, printouts, files, links and text in both typed and written format to create an interactive lesson for students.

Collaborating in the classroom with the OneNote Class Notebook

Create, navigate and interact with a Class Notebook.  This notebook has three distinct sections;

Content Library: Teacher can edit content and the students and view and copy this content.

Collaboration Space: Teacher and students are able to view, copy, create and edit content.

Student Sections: Each student has their own section which only they and the teacher and view and edit.

Class Notebooks can have more than one teacher in the management role making it easier to maintain continuity in a shared teaching position.

Once you are familiar with Class Notebooks, try the Add-in for OneNote Class Notebooks as this will streamline the process of checking student work and delivering sections and pages to students.

The Add-in for a Class Notebook allows for the distribution of pages and sections directly from the Content Library to each student's Notebook section in just two clicks. It will also allow for easy access to a page when giving feedback to students.

Click here for more information on what it can do.

If you would like to try it go to the Class OneNote page and look for the download link at the bottom of the page.

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