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Research: Online Databases@LHC

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Why use a Database?

DATABASES: • Written by professionals with facts checked and verified. • Searchable by keywords (subject, author, date) • Easy to cite in your List of References • Current and regularly updated • Selected by your teacher or teacher-librarian.

WEBSITES: • Written by anybody at all • Not organized to support your research • Lacking citation information • Not always updated • Not always accurate, current or well organized.

Search LHC Databases

Search all of the LHC Databases through the Advanced Search function of our Oliver catalogue. Select Search all sources to bring up the list.  Deselect any that are not relevant.

Explore other library databases

Can't find what you are looking for? Try exploring other library databases and resources. (Register as a user)


Literature Database

Gale eBooks - Non Fiction

Issues and Viewpoints

Science Databases

Religion Database

History Databases